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We in Liam Keane & Partners pride ourselves on providing an efficient and speedy service whilst keeping the client fully

Civil litigation is the term used by lawyers to describe any legal proceedings other than a criminal action which may

We are aware of the sensitivities involved in Family Law cases and operate on the basis that Family Law cases

Nobody asks to be injured in an accident and in most cases personal injuries are not deliberately inflicted. However, when

Liam Keane & Partners caters not only for private clients but also for a wide range of commercial clients, ranging

Liam Keane & Partners have a wealth of experience in acting in employment law disputes. If you are an employee

We at Liam Keane & Partners recognise that were it not for the death of a loved one then you

Unfortunately, in business and personal life bad debts occur and these can lead to various problems for individuals and business

sporting commercial contractual boundaries succession family etc. We are fully supportive of ADR and are experienced in acting in Mediations

Our Values

We in Liam Keane & Partners pride ourselves on providing an efficient and professional service whilst keeping the client fully informed on progress at all times in a manner that the client will understand.

We take time to advise clients fully on the various procedures open to them and to explain the processes involved – without using unecessary or confusing legal language

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We have been authorised by the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) to operate as a Limited Liability Partnership from 2nd March 2020.

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